How to Guide: VoIP Phone to document parent contact.

One of the things I hate doing most is trying to keep track of my parent contacts. The process of trying to record whenever I call them and what I talk about can be tedious. The point of this how to guide is to use an old cell phone that doesn’t have a cell phone plan, a Google Voice number, and an app called Groove Ip to set up a phone and a number that will automatically log your calls and give you the ability to add notes. The set up uses the Voice Over IP (VoIP), allowing you to do this without a cell phone plan. In order to use the phone, it will need an active wi-fi network at all times. This is a great way to re purpose an old Android phone you have sitting around collecting dust. I wouldn’t be surprise if there was a way to do this with an iPhone or iPod Touch (if heard of ways to do it), but I have not done it myself and don’t know the steps firsthand.

Step 1: Go to and log into your gmail account.

Step 2: Accept the terms and select “I want a new number”


Step 3: Type in a forward a forwarding number. Google does this to verify you are in the United States.


Step 4: Click call me now. Google will call you and enter in the code.


Step 5: Select a number.

Step 6: Click the gear icon in the top right corner and select settings.

Step 7: Make sure the “Forward calls to: Google Chat:” is selected and uncheck the forwarding number you entered, otherwise you’ll both numbers will ring.


Step 8: Assuming that your old phone has already had a factory reset and the phone is connected to a wi-fi network, do the initial set up using the Google account you logged into earlier.

Step 9: Go to the play market and download Groove Ip Lite App

Step 10: Sign into Groove Ip with the Google account you set up earlier. You will now be able to make phone calls using your Google Number

The next steps are to set up text messaging

Step 11: Download the Google Voice App.

Step 12: Log into Google Voice and select the phone number you used for your forwarding number for this set up.

Step 13: Select the option “Use Google Voice to make all calls”

Step 14: Skip the voicemail set up

Step 15: When you use the Google Voice App you can now compose text messages.

To add notes for call history.

On your desktop, when you are logged into, on the left hand side you can see all your call history. Under the more option, you can add a note. I would use this option to record the purpose of the call.

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