So a couple of things for my small crew of followers, I am going to try to update this on a more regular basis. Right now we are going to start shooting for a new update every Tuesday at minimum. ┬áSecondly, I am soooo behind on a masters program I started. It’s pathetic. While I was talking to my professor though, he commented that if I have geography topics in here I can use this as a capstone project. So the moral of the story is expect some geography stuff thrown in here now. You saw a nice taste of it with my last post on Geoguessr. I presented that lesson last week at the Arizona Geographic Alliance. If any teacher is reading this in Arizona and you’re not a member, join! One of best network of support I’ve been a part of. But the lesson went over with a resounding success. ┬áSo my next post will be a first impressions on the Learning Managment System, Canvas, I’ve been helping to implement in my district.

And as always,

Power On!