Geoguessr – Try not to get too sucked in

So I’m finally starting to settle into my new job as a technology trainer. It’s interesting to see things from the district office stand point, instead of the little fiefdom of my class room. The biggest issue I’m dealing with now is our district’s implementation of Canvas LMS. I think this has the possibility of being a great service, but getting teachers to buy in is difficult. Both Canvas and teaching buy in I’m going to talk about in a later post.

The true reason of this post is a lesson I’ve created that I’m going to be presenting soon. Thanks to this xkcd comic my wife and I got addicted to geoguessr. Geoguessr takes images from Google Street View and plops you down some place in the world and you have to figure out where you are at. My wife and I immediately started thinking about the educational value of this item. Fast forward a couple months and I request for presenters is sent out. I started doing some research and came across this Slate article. 5 days later, I’ve got a lesson plan using Geoguessr as a tool for critical thinking skills with human/cultural and/or physical geography. Feel free to take a look and provide any comments, suggestions, or criticisms.



The Details are the Picture

And as always Power On!


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