Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Alright encouraging data shows that parents are willing to buy mobile devices for their children for educational purpose. A couple quick thoughts:

1. While parents are willing to buy the device, are schools willing to embrace the device. This is my fifth year teaching and here is the breakdown on my school’s stance on mobile device: First year/school #1 – mobile device market not yet applicable (yeah it’s already hard to imagine a time without smartphones). Second and Third year/school #2 – School originally had a no mobile device in the classroom policy that moved to a teacher by teacher basis by the time I left. Fourth and Fifth year/school #3 – School has a no cell phone policy. Though I have started to break that rule more and more.

2. I like the point that we need to make wise mobile users.

3. I worry about the 63% of parents who feel that a mobile device allow a student to express themselves. Well using the internet and social media to express themselves is good, we run into the lack of promoting real life social skills and slippery slope into internet (please excuse the language) dickwad theory (worse offensive language in the link).

4. Finally, teachers need to know what possibilities are out there with these devices.


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